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The results of the 2023 Act Green survey show that 77% of audiences think cultural organisations have a responsibility to influence society to make radical change in response to the climate emergency.

This research, run by Indigo Ltd for a second year, reveals that cultural audiences and visitors are concerned about the climate emergency, and want to see the organisations they visit playing more of a role in tackling it as well as communicating their efforts to their audiences.

Key findings

87% of cultural audiences are worried about the climate crisis and 93% have made changes to their lifestyle to help tackle it.

Audiences and visitors think organisations are not doing enough or feel that they are not communicating what they are doing effectively.

Younger respondents are more likely to think organisations have a responsibility to influence society to address the climate emergency.

93% expect organisations to ensure their buildings are as energy efficient as possible, while 94% expect organisations to be reducing and recycling waste.

3 in 4 audiences want information from organisations about how they can act more sustainably. 66% want more information about how to travel sustainably.

About the research

Act Green is an Indigo Share Hot Topic, designed to explore the role of cultural organisations and their audiences in tackling the climate crisis. It was free for cultural organisations to take part in, thanks to sponsorship from Supercool. This is the second year the research has taken place.

Throughout July 2023, 17,479 cultural audience members responded to a survey sent out by 86 organisations across the UK.


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