Collaborative Equipment Sharing Platform for Theatres

In 2022, a consortium of nine performing arts venues came together to initiate the development of a digital asset sharing platform, taking a leap towards sustainable and cost-efficient operations in the theatre industry.

Facilitated by Trail Systems Ltd, a privately owned company acting as the catalyst for this project, the collaboration resulted in the creation of a digital tool designed to streamline and enhance the sharing of assets among organizations. The platform was built upon existing digital asset information infrastructure, minimizing additional effort required for sharing the assets.

As of today, the sharing platform enables digital asset sharing among theatres and performing arts organizations. This platform empowers trusted partner organizations to access comprehensive asset information and make bookings with ease. The transition to digital sharing activities yields numerous advantages, including time savings through efficient equipment visibility, enhanced operational scalability, improved equipment utilization rates, and the fostering of stronger collaborative networks among operators.

Opera of Gothenburg (Göteborgs Operan) was one of the organisations in the consortium initiating the digital sharing and one of the first organisations to implement the sharing capability. Håkan Jönsson, the Facility Manager at the Göteborgs Operan, plays a vital role in ensuring the seamless operation of this famous Swedish opera house. He aims for sustainable operations for a reason: ”Equipment sharing’s benefits are so obvious for the environment and for the economy. Now, the users have a possibility to borrow, rent and share equipment that they can’t afford or do not have by themselves.”

The most significant impact of this initiative lies in fact in its contribution to improved operational sustainability. By eliminating the need for ownership, management, and storage of equipment, theatres can now operate with greater efficiency, significantly reducing their ecological footprint and collectively contributing to a more environmentally conscious industry.

The sharing platform is operated by inviting trusted partners to create a link between the organisations in the system. After the connection has been approved by both organisations the actual sharing can start. The sharing organisation determines which of the assets are visible to the other organisation and which are both visible and reservable by the other organisation. This enables full control over the sharing operations. The following step is for the reserving organisation to browse available equipment and initiate a booking for any available items. The final step is the approval of the booking by the sharing organisation.

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