Theatre Green Book PRODUCTIONS Toolkit – Touring and Co-production


Best Practice for Unavoidable Air Travel

With thanks to Complicité and the members of the Touring Committee for producing this guidance.

  • If flying is the only option, avoid connecting flights. Take nearest direct flight and then add on a rail journey rather than a second flight.
  • Flying one way and travelling by rail the other is still an improvement on flying both ways.
  • Use economy class – increased seating density reduces carbon consumed.
  • Use airlines with the newest plane models, which produce lower emissions.
  • Avoid very small or very large planes.
  • Review carbon consumption data for leading airlines on Atmosfair: 
  • Reduce luggage/encourage hand luggage only – unless luggage is being used as a freight substitute.
  • If flying is necessary, consider ways to maximise the value of the journey – spending more time at the destination, staging more performances, doing deeper work in the local community, etc.
  •  Offset carbon consumed through a gold standard scheme.
  • If flying arrange airport transfers using public transport OR if possible arrange flights so that people arrive together and travel as a group in a single vehicle, rather than several trips.
  • Recognise that driving is preferable to flying, in terms of carbon consumption, if trains are not an option.
  • Calculate carbon consumption vs train/car and share with everyone relevant, so impact of the travel is truly understood.