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Developments in Sustainable Road Haulage

With thanks to Complicité and the members of the Touring Committee for producing this guidance.

This guidance focuses on non-Internal Combustion Engine vehicles.

Solutions available now

The electric van is the type of vehicles most suitable for regional touring. Electric van tips:

  • Vehicles usually have a range of c.100 miles, so plan in charging stops.
  • Add a requirement for vehicle charging to Green Riders sent to venues, so vehicle can charge during get-in etc.
  • Some vehicles have speed limiters (50mph) so plan for non-motorway driving.
  • Dress appropriately, as use of A/C and heating is limited (can drain vehicle battery).

Tips taken from:

We went on tour with an electric van. Here’s what we learnt… – Fuel Theatre: really interesting and useful blog with lots of top tips for using an electric van for touring.  

Pigfoot Theatre toured with an electric van in autumn 2022 

Heavy duty zero-emission vehicles (HGVs) are on the market for freight companies to buy / lease (likely in Europe first). The DAF CF Electric has a marketed range of 200km, and the Scania Battery Electric Truck has a marketed range of 250km. Some companies are developing 18-26t GVW (gross vehicle weight) vehicles .

Solutions in development – Zero Emissions Freight (HGV)

All new road vehicles in the UK set to be zero emission by 2040; new cars and vans by 2030, new HGV’s weighing 26 tonnes and under by 2035, new HGV’s over 26t by 2040 and the whole transport sector to reach net zero by 2050 (UK government Net Zero Strategy).

Battery technology will advance, e.g. the Tesla Semi concept has a marketed range of 500 miles. With current technology there are challenges of impact of battery weight on payload, real world range, sustainability of supply chain and scalability of charging infrastructure.

UK Government launched Zero Emissions Road Freight trials (£20m funding across 20 projects) in 2021: Road freight goes green with £20 million funding boost – GOV.UK, as part of the Transport decarbonisation plan – GOV.UK, also launched in 2021. Trials and feasibility projects include: 

  • Trial and demonstration of 20 battery-electric DAF trucks. 
  • Electric Road System feasibility study – supplying battery-electric trucks with electricity from overhead gantries enabling HGVs to charge dynamically.
  • Hydrogen fuel cell feasibility study, designing a possible future trial of hydrogen fuel cell trucks and refuelling infrastructure.

Findings from the trials and feasibility studies will inform future government policy on zero emissions road freight vehicles.