Theatre Green Book PRODUCTIONS Toolkit 


Sustainability Clauses for Actors’ Contracts

With thanks to Equity

Equity has negotiated agreements with a number of theatres containing variants of the following clauses. Negotiations are ongoing with others. Over time, this is expected to become a standard part of actors’ contracts.

• The Company must have a Sustainability Policy which includes a commitment for all productions to be of Theatre Green Book Baseline standard or higher.

• The [name] Theatre is conscious of their impact on the environment and has made a commitment to reversing this impact as efficiently and effectively as possible.  To that end, the Producer has committed to The Theatre Green Book’s Sustainable Productions [standard] Standard. 

 •The Company Member may be required to adjust their day-to-day rehearsal, tech week and performance activities in small but effective ways. The Producer welcomes the opportunity to discuss with the Company Member ways that the Company Member can collaborate with the Producer and other company members in order to reduce the risk of further damage to the environment and produce an environmentally responsible production. 

Information on Equity for a Green New Deal: