Theatre Green BOOK PRODUCTIONS Toolkit 


Information for Teams

Producers or venues should keep the following information available, and provide it to teams at the start of each show:

• Shows also in production at the same venue, or appearing before or after the planned production, with the names and contacts of team members.

• In-house stored materials, components, furniture, props, costumes.

• Storage facilities in local / other theatres or stores with which the producer or venue has a sharing arrangement.

• Local sources for sustainable materials, products and supplies.

• Local hire and supply companies for sustainable props, costumes, technical equipment or supplies.

• Regularly used hire and supply companies who can streamline deliveries, or use sustainable transport for deliveries.

• Local second-hand shops or facilities for supply or disposal.

• Local workshops.

• In-house standards for disposal of sets etc, with details of companies with contracts for salvage and disposal.

• Staff members who have had climate literacy training.