Theatre Green Book One Toolkit – Producing


4. Sustainability Champions

The Sustainability Champion’s role is to:

• Collate the Materials Inventory (for Baseline and Intermediate productions), or manage the Carbon Calculator (on Advanced productions).

• Lead the post-show evaluation of the production against its Green Book target.

• The Sustainability Champion doesn’t ‘own’ sustainability for a production. Sustainability is a shared responsibility. Everyone involved must take ownership of the role they play in contributing to a sustainable show. Nor must the Sustainability Champion be made to feel like a policeman. In a successful and collaborative team, each member will hold themselves to the sustainability commitment the team has made, and will support their colleagues in doing the same.

• The Sustainability Champion is there to contribute and support, to help think through problems and brainstorm solutions, to point team members to advice, and act as a conduit in making sure the team acts as a unit on sustainability matters.

• Production Managers are obviously well-placed to fulfil this role, since it aligns with much of their other work. However, Production Managers already carry a huge burden of responsibility for Health and Safety and other matters.

• Anyone in the team who can contribute commitment and knowledge of sustainability is well-placed to fulfil the role of Sustainability Champion.