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15. Sharing Materials, Set Components, Props and Costumes

Sharing Materials, Set Components, Props and Costumes

For theatre to reuse and recycle more, we need to store more of our assets (materials, set and scenery, costumes and props), and share them with other companies.

That could mean renting shared stores, and increasing theatre’s storage capacity. However, that will be expensive, and will take time to establish. In the meantime, we can do much more to reuse and recycle our stored assets by:

• Managing our assets more carefully with asset management software.

• Making them available through software networks that allow others to search and borrow / rent the assets each company holds in store.

A number of software solutions for asset management are available, and widely used by theatres, such as:




Trail Asset Management helps organisations become more sustainable by providing the tools to manage and track their assets’ complete life cycle. The cloud-based Trail has been developed especially for the performing arts industry, and hence provides performing arts venues with all the essential asset management features.

Trail’s core features for asset management in performing arts are:

  • Item register and individual item cards
  • Recurring maintenance plans for managing equipment compliance
  • Defect reports and fault management
  • Asset tagging with QR code, NFC and RFID tags
  • Equipment bookings for productions and projects
  • Inventories
  • Investment planning
  • Browser application and native mobile apps for iOS and Android

Trail also enables smart equipment sharing between organisations. Trail Sharing expands Trail’s platform by allowing organisations to form sharing networks with their trusted partners.

Sharing partners can browse shared equipment in Trail and reserve the available equipment. Naturally, the equipment owner has the full control over the equipment and can select, which items are visible and reservable.

Further reading:


itemit offers a modern alternative to managing and sharing assets, with an iOS and Android app for use on the go and a web portal for overseeing activities. It allows you to log and search through assets to see photos, information, and to reserve and check out assets. Used by a number of UK theatres, it offers easy asset sharing, quick check outs, asset hiring and customisable reporting. Assets can be tagged with QR or RFID, which can be easily concealed, to scan and return assets quickly. To find out more, email