Theatre Green Book PRODUCTIONS Toolkit – Touring and Co-production


Guidance for Rail Travel

With thanks to Complicité and the members of the Touring Committee for producing this guidance.

  • Have a rule of thumb – eg if you can get there in a day, travel by train. Do factor in the number of changes required in the journey, as this can create the risk of delays.
  • Encourage and support your team to travel by train if it is possible for them, some team members maybe unable to travel by train due to access requirements.
  • Consider venue location when tour booking to reduce travel between venues/enable train travel.
  • Allow realistic breaks in tour schedule to enable train travel.
  • Contract with venues to provide train travel for visiting artists as preference over air travel.
  • Research relative carbon consumption of flying vs train travel, and share that with all relevant partners.
  • Confirm travel arrangements at least 6-8 weeks in advance wherever possible to enable best fares/times etc to be secured.
  • Consider the budget implications on per diems – home-based and co-commissioning based budgets need to take Sustainable Travel into account, e.g. performances in Germany / Holland / France (i.e. accessible by train) should account for additional per diem budget, or give a parameter – i.e. if the train is over 4 hours then X% additional per diem budget.
  • Offer paid ‘travel’ days if the journey takes considerably longer than it would by plane (and pds/accommodation allowance).
  • Consider the personal/work/family commitments the creative team has on either side of their contract with the company.
  • Accredit with the Climate Perks scheme