Theatre Green Book PRODUCTIONS Toolkit 


Meeting, Sharing, Reviewing

Green Concept Meeting

• The Green Concept meeting is a chance to explore early thinking and get the measure of how the vision can be developed in a sustainable way.

• It isn’t a matter of rejecting or criticising ideas. Instead, a collaborative discussion can review, question and share thoughts so that the design can be taken into the development stage with a clear shared understanding of the issues around delivering it sustainably.

• The Green Concept meeting should include makers and production staff, so as to view the concept holistically, and involve the whole team in a collaborative process from the outset.

Green Card Meeting

The Green Card meeting – a development of the familiar White Card – is the team’s chance to:

• Review where the design is in general environmental terms.

• Assess it against its Green Book standard.

• Work collectively to develop the idea towards the most sustainable possible outcome, ensuring that it meets Green Book targets.

• Clearly list actions and decisions made.

Ensure the Green Card meeting is chaired by someone, who will share notes and actions after the meeting.

Post-show Evaluation

Theatre’s journey towards more sustainable practice is a steep learning curve for the whole sector. It needs teams to:

• Reflect on their experiences of making a show sustainable.

• Honestly assess what worked and what didn’t.

• If targets were missed, to make a collective review of how things could have been done differently.

• Share the results of their review.

• Collect and share data for the future shift to carbon budgeting.

The Post-Show evaluation should be chaired and minuted, and must be attended by all team members. Most will have moved on to other shows, but unless learning and sharing are prioritised, theatre’s progress towards sustainability will be slower and more painful.