Theatre Green Book PRODUCTIONS Toolkit – Touring and Co-production


Green Contract Rider for Co-production

With thanks to Complicité and the members of the Touring Committee for producing this guidance.

It is important to establish shared goals around sustainability with co-producing partners. This section highlights specific areas that you may   want to include in your Co-production agreement.

Essential Commitments 

  • Commitment to working together on the Theatre Green Book, at an agreed standard (eg Baseline, Intermediate or Advanced): 
    • If they need to build any set it should be built using the Green Book aims, with materials tracked for reuse and recycling.
    • If they are going to provide tech or technical support then they will need to work to the guidelines in the Theatre Green Book.
  • Creative and Crew travel – commit to working together to minimise the movement of people in prep (more online meetings) and during the show (agreed travel policy between co-producers).

Additional Commitments

Are there additional areas for potential collaboration between you on sustainability? These may include: 

  • Audience Travel incentives for green travel.
  • Energy reporting, is there an opportunity for a deeper level of data sharing with co-producers such as including reporting on audience travel.
  • Programming and exclusion zones.
  • Opportunities for co-funding sustainability aims, eg
    • To resource the development of each partners capability to work sustainably through training.
    • Training technicians to deliver a show to reduce crew travel.
  • Consider collaboration on engagement and wrap activity to engage audiences in sustainability and environmental goals.
  • Opportunities for support with skills sharing, where big tours with lots of touring crew could share skills with local techs, they could in turn pass on to smaller tours/less experienced touring crew. This would increase the pool of skills in any local area to support smaller scale companies to travel with smaller teams to reduce travel.