Theatre Green Book One Toolkit – Producing


4. Carbon Calculators

• A Carbon Calculator is a tool to help people work out the amount of carbon emissions associated with a design, action or material. By entering simple pieces of information, such as an amount of materials to be used, the calculator returns the amount of carbon this would entail.

• Over time, the emergence of easy-to-use and accurate carbon calculators will help production teams track more precisely how much carbon their designs and processes use. They will help compare the carbon footprints of different options, so as to support decision-making. Understanding shows’ overall carbon footprints will help theatres set targets for future productions, and align them with net zero pledges.

• Tracking data on shows will help build up the databases needed to develop widespread, accurate calculators.

Carbon calculators

The following calculators are currently available:


Mossy Earth:

Life cycle analysis tools

PR  | Fact-based sustainability (

SimaPro | The world’s leading LCA software