Theatre Green Book OPERATIONs Toolkit –

Workspace Guidance

With thanks to Simon Cook


• Switch to a renewables energy supplier.

• Reduce energy use in lighting and heating.

• Minimise the carbon footprint due to transport/deliveries. Try to keep suppliers as local as possible. Make single large orders to reduce deliveries.

• Have separate waste bins in the workshop for recycling/general rubbish.

• Support good waste disposal practices. Agreement with suppliers can be signed where equipment can be returned to be repurposed and refurbished.

• Use electric tools only, with rechargeable batteries or mains connection.

• Use painting wash-up units that separate reusable washing water from wastewater.

• Avoid environmentally harmful detergents.

• Discourage the use of polystyrene and polycarbonate/acrylic. 

Metal workshop

 • If possible, use water based cutting fluid. Note: HSE guidelines may require semi-synthetic cutting fluids. In this case, ensure safe disposal.

Other Useful Resources


See Theatre Green Book Sustainable Productions for guidance on making productions sustainably

See the accompanying toolkit for guidance on:

• Modelling tools and CAD

• Reuse and Recycling

• Modular Design

• Making for Disassembly

• Sustainable Sourcing

• Harmful Materials

• Special Effects

• Scenic Art

• Props 

• Costumes