Theatre Green Book Three Toolkit –

Workspace Guidance


• Switch to a renewables energy supplier.

• Reduce energy use in lighting and heating.

• Minimise the carbon footprint due to transport / deliveries. Try to keep suppliers as local as possible. Make single large orders to reduce deliveries.

• Have separate waste bins in the workshop for recycling/general rubbish.

• Support good waste disposal practices. Agreement with suppliers can be signed where equipment can be returned to be repurposed and refurbished.

• Use electric tools only, with rechargeable batteries or mains connection.

• Use painting wash-up units that separate reusable washing water from wastewater.

• Avoid environmentally harmful detergents.

• Discourage the use of polystyrene and polycarbonate/acrylic. 

Metal workshop

 • If possible, use water based cutting fluid. Note: HSE guidelines may require semi-synthetic cutting fluids. In this case, ensure safe disposal.

Other Useful Resources

See Theatre Green Book volume 1 : Sustainable Productions for guidance on making productions sustainably:

See the accompanying toolkit (   for guidance on:

• Modelling tools and CAD

• Reuse and Recycling

• Modular Design

• Making for Disassembly

• Sustainable Sourcing

• Harmful Materials

• Special Effects

• Scenic Art

• Props 

• Costumes

With thanks to Simon Cook