Theatre Green Book OPERATIONS Toolkit – EXAMPLE SUPPLIER Contract Rider

Example Contract Rider

The Supplier shall, as requested, work with the Customer to identify opportunities to increase innovation, reduce cost and waste throughout the duration of this Agreement.

 The Supplier shall ensure that they consider the relevance of sustainability at all lifecycle stages of the [Goods/Services] provided under this Agreement. This includes consideration of the Customers’ requirements, minimisation of negative impacts and the maximisation of positive impacts on society and the environment.

The Supplier shall comply with the Customer’s [Sustainability Policy / Environmental Policy] for the duration of this agreement. 

For all operations, the Customer is currently targeting [Baseline / Intermediate / Advanced] Standard in the Theatre Green Book: Sustainable Operations. The Supplier should familiarise themselves with the Standard and inform the Customer of any contradictions between the Standard and the fulfilment of this Agreement, so that appropriate mitigation can be implemented.

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