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Energy Purchasing 

For guidance on procuring renewable energy, see “Renewable Energy Procurement and Carbon Offsetting”, published by the UK Green Building Council in March 2021.

We’ve summarised some key features here. For more detail, refer to the report.

While more and more energy suppliers offer “renewable” energy of sorts, there is a big difference in quality. Be sure to procure your electricity from the highest quality renewable tariff. Here’s what to look for:

The quality of electricity procurement is determined by whether:

1) The energy supplier has exclusive ownership of the energy attribute

2) The energy is renewably sourced (e.g. from solar farms or wind turbines etc)

3) The electricity provides credible “additionality” (i.e. your electricity bill goes directly into new renewable projects that would otherwise have not been possible)

Any supplier that can demonstrate they meet these three principles can be considered to provide a ‘high quality green tariff’ product.

At the time of publication of the UKGBC guidance, only three UK suppliers have been recognised by Ofgen to provide ‘additionality’: 


Good Energy

Green Energy

In future there are likely to be more suppliers who offer ‘additionality’.