Theatre Green Book Three Toolkit


Carbon Calculators

• A Carbon Calculator is a tool to help people work out the amount of carbon emissions associated with their operation. They’re most useful for two things: your building(s) and the travel associated with your operation. For anything else, they tend to become very complicated, and are not always helpful in driving decision-making.

• For buildings, your utility bills will tell you the amount of energy you use in gas, electricity etc. A calculator will convert that into carbon emissions.

• For travel, calculators will take your input of miles travelled by different methods of transport, and convert them into carbon emissions.

• Some of the calculators below ask for data on other operations, and aim to give you an overall ‘carbon footprint’ for your operation. The may be helpful for some, but for many it involves too much complexity and doesn’t necessarily tell you what you need to know. We recommend people start by focussing on buildings and travel.

Carbon calculators

The following calculators are currently available: