Theatre Green BUILDINGS Toolkit – Carbon Calculators

Carbon Calculation can be time-consuming and inaccurate, often depending on a lot of assumptions. The Theatre Green Book support tools include carbon calculation for those elements of theatre’s carbon impact which are easy and accurate to calculate:

  • New set and scenery materials (Production Calculator)
  • Deliveries and travel for touring (Production Calculator)
  • Building energy (Operations Tracker)
  • Deliveries and Travel (Operations Tracker)  

Taken together, these represent a very high percentage of a theatre’s carbon impact, and can be used to track progress from year to year. The Certificates workbook includes a worksheet where you can bring together all these carbon figures to arrive at an overall calculation. If you do want to use Carbon Calculators to go further with this, please see some suggestions below.

Carbon calculators

The following calculators are currently available:


Mossy Earth:

Life cycle analysis tools

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