The Home Survey Tool enables building owners and managers to compile a Sustainability Plan for their buildings.

Home Survey Tool

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User Guide

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  • The Home Survey Tool helps theatre owners and operators work out how to make their buildings more sustainable. It’s specifically designed for existing buildings. The questions it will ask you are not specialist. For most buildings, you’ll be able to fill it in in a day.
  • The Home Survey Tool will provide you with a Sustainability Plan in the form of a downloadable Excel spreadsheet of recommended works, tailored to your building. 
  • You’ll probably need to refine it further with professional help, but the initial Plan will tell you the scale of the challenge, so you can start planning and fundraising.
  • The Sustainability Plan will identify areas where you need further advice. It will divide works into three categories: Easy Wins, Maintenance Works, and Capital Projects. Each will be listed in order of impact.

The Theatre Green Book has brought together theatre-makers and sustainability experts to create a common standard for making theatre sustainably.