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The Theatre Green Book

The Theatre Green Book began as a collective initiative by theatre-makers in the UK, but has grown to involve theatre-makers across the world.

We believe theatre has an urgent role to play in our journey to living and working sustainably, and that theatre’s own transition is best achieved through a common language, actions and standards that allow us to share and learn together. The Theatre Green Book provides that shared language.

Theatre communities work in different ways and face different challenges. The Theatre Green Book therefore operates as a loose ‘network of networks’ where each nation’s theatre community, under licence, translates and adapts the guidance to suit their way of working. But the basic approach and standards remain translatable.

The Theatre Green Book is a free resource for all theatre-makers, working at all scales.

Theatre Green Book Map

The Theatre Green Book UK

The UK’s Theatre Green Book is the responsibility of the Theatres Trust, SOLT and UK Theatre, the Association of British Theatre Technicians, National Theatre, National Theatre of Scotland, Buro Happold and Renew Culture.  They have formed an unincorporated association and work as a Management Committee holding the copyright in the UK Theatre Green Book and working to ensure a sustainable long term future for the Theatre Green Book.  They are partnered by the organisations whose logos appear on this page, and informed by steering committees of theatre practitioners.  The Theatres Trust holds the Secretariat for the Association.  The Theatre Green Book UK employs a co-ordinator and is advertising for the new post of Director.  Everyone else works as a volunteer.

Individuals involved in the running of the Theatre Green Book are listed below.

Management Committee

  • Jon Morgan – Chair
  • Phill Brown
  • Lisa Burger
  • Paddy Dillon
  • David Evans – Co-Chair Productions Committee
  • Paul Handley – Co-Chair Productions Committee
  • Liz Sillett – from end June 2024
  • Gemma Swallow – Co-Chair Productions Committee
  • Robin Townley – to June 2024
  • Andrew Wylie

Committee Chairs

  • Claire Appleby – Buildings
  • Katy Downton – Education
  • Jim Harrison – Touring
  • Juliet Hayes – Operations

You can contact the Management Committee or Committee Chairs on admin@theatregreenbook.com

International Theatre Green Book Networks and Partners

  • European Theatre Convention
  • Denmark – Baeredygtigt Kulturliv NU
  • Germany – DTHG
  • Ireland – Performing Arts Forum
  • Netherlands – NAPK
  • Australia
  • Taiwan – Performing Arts Alliance
  • UAE (Arabic TGB) – SPAA

Argentina, Brasil, Estonia, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Norway, South Korea, Spain, Sweden

New Theatre Green Book Networks and translations are forming all the time.  They operate under a simple agreement and licence from the copyright holders to ensure the Theatre Green Book resources remain free, expertise shared and standards upheld.

For enquiries about forming a Theatre Green Book network or making a translation please contact sustainability@renewculture.co.uk